1000 Policing Professionals: The Crisis in Policing threatens Britain’s Recovery

The above headline can now be written by the UK media.

Just 100 Business Leaders signing a similar letter about economic policy attracted headlines across the media.  In just six days over ten times that many serving and former police officers, Special Constables, PCSOs and members of police staff signified their support for the following letter:


We are professional police officers, police staff and former police officers.  We understand the reality of policing in the UK.  We believe this Conservative-led, Lib-Dem supported government has caused immense damage to police forces and to the service we are able to provide to you, the public we serve.

David Cameron and Theresa May’s flagship policy of making progressively deeper cuts to police budgets has led to over 17,000 fewer police officers today compared to when they came into office. That is a fall of over 12%.  Cuts to police support staff have been even greater.  Hundreds of police dogs and dozens of police horses have been lost.  There are plans to halve the number of air support bases, leaving large areas of the country with no effective cover. The #CutsHaveConsequences campaign has vividly illustrated the result across the country.  If they are re-elected, the Conservatives plan even more cuts.

The police service is in crisis.  Numbers are falling.  Experienced officers are leaving (or planning to leave) in their droves.  Workloads are unbearable.  Stress-related sickness levels are soaring.  Neighbourhood policing – your local bobby – is on the verge of extinction. As a result, police are being cast adrift from their communities and we fear we will become remote, hostile, authority figures as in so many other countries.

Although some categories of crime are down, others (notably some categories of violent crime) are not. And all crime figures are beginning to show signs of rising again as the cuts work through.  But crime is not the whole picture – some estimates suggest over 50% of demand for police assistance is not related to crime – and fewer officers means response times are rising too.

We believe that continuing with the policy of cutting the police service will further endanger public safety.  It will send a negative message about Britain being a safe place to live and do business and it will put economic recovery at risk.  Inward investment will only be made if the country is safe.  Businesses will not thrive if crime is rife.  Jobs will be lost if businesses close.

We are astounded that issues of policing, crime and disorder have been almost entirely ignored by all Parties in the General Election campaign.  The public should be aware of the fact that the police service is perilously close to collapse when they make their choice. 

We invite voters to consider carefully how policing has fared over the last five years and to use their vote to ensure that no further damage is caused and that a start is made on the long job of repairing the damage done. 

In a personal capacity we therefore sign this letter.

The 1000 police professionals are broken down as follows:

  • 423 serving PCs / DCs
  • 118 serving PSs / DSs
  • 50 serving Insps / Ch Insps / Det Insps / Det Ch Insps
  • 4 serving Supts / Ch Supts / Det Supts / Det Ch Supts
  • 1 serving NPCC (ACPO) rank officer
  •  36 serving Specials
  • 10 serving PCSOs
  • 31 serving members of police staff
  • 312 former police officers (all ranks)
  • 7 former Specials
  • 8 former PCSOs / members of police staff

The number of “signatures” obtained in so short a time graphically illustrates the depth of concern within the police service that the “Crisis In Policing” is being totally ignored in the General Election campaign.

Let us hope that the mainstream media take note of this fantastic response and give the letter the same prominence they gave to the one signed by a mere 100 Business Leaders…



3 thoughts on “1000 Policing Professionals: The Crisis in Policing threatens Britain’s Recovery

  1. Add to the experience that is leaving , the direct entrants will go once they have topped their CV up with a spell on the police . How much invested money in them will be wasted . The reason being in the police was a job for life is because that is how long it takes to learn everything after 22 years I still learn new things all the time

  2. I totally agree with everything stated in the letter. I have recently been a victim of vehicle crime (yob attacked my moving vehicle ) whereby the force I reported it to decided to downgrade it to ‘accidental damage’. This, obviously, suppresses the true numbers for the benefit of statistics. I was a police officer for over 30 years and know the difference between accidental and malicious. The current incumbents of the police services do themselves no good by massaging figures and only hand their political masters ‘succor in so doing. Ally this to the ludicrous numbers of immigrants allowed (and illegal) to enter our borders; cutting of police budgets, then we shall all suffer from lack of protection. A certain Commissioner back in 1829 decreed that “A civilized society shall be judged by the arrangements it makes to preserve order”. How far do we have to descend before any political party grasps the nettle and places law and order at the top of their agenda? Lets have a proper, well budgeted police force otherwise vigilantes will roam the streets of our sceptered isle. I DO NOT JOKE!!

  3. I am a reasonably recently retired officer and agree with the contents of the letter in its entirety.

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