Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who signed up to the Open Letter and who circulated details of it to others.  THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED.

Although we passed details of the Letter to all the media outlets we could think of, the only mainstream outlet which ran with it was The Mirror, so far as we are aware.  You can see their piece here:

Police Oracle, a specialist police sector web-based publication, published the story too.  You can find it here:–put-policing-on-election-agenda-_87917.html

(You can sign up and access a few articles per month for free, or take out a paid for subscription if you like what you see!!)

Chris Hobbs, another retired officer who collaborated with me on the Letter, regularly writes pieces for the Huffington Post online news site.  He wrote a piece on the Letter which you can find here:

Despite this, we are still not seeing the subject of policing being discussed by the politicians with the General Election now just days away.

Please do what you can to raise awareness of the issue in your locality by asking your candidates about the issue and perhaps presenting them with a copy of the Letter.  Policing needs all the help it can get at the moment!


2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. I thank you for your update. I have forwarded a copy of your letter to my MP Sarah Newton. I met with Sarah Newton and raised my concerns regarding Policing in Cornwall. I believe that D&C should be a special case in that our borders are sea and not other forces able to assist. Our Chief Constable fails to bring home this valid point during interviews with the media. I belief is that when the public close their doors at night the feel safe. In rural areas this is not the case. I received an email from Sarah newton last week saying she has forwarded a copy of your letter to Teresa May. Kind regards and thank you for all you have done to highlight the problem. John Lett

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